Smell the Roses

 As a student in Williamsburg, there are some things that you take the time to do, and some that fall to the wayside due to homework and other commitments.  This weekend, I had a friend come into town.  Having never been here, she wanted to see the sights, many of which I had never seen myself!  It is so easy to get secluded in a pile of books that sometimes we forget to smell the roses and enjoy the beautiful place that we’re in.  We went to Busch Gardens, over to Jamestown, and took the time to explore the nooks and crannies of Colonial Williamsburg and W&M campus.  As a SOE student, it’s easy to forget the rich culture that comes with the college.  They are events and outings that get thrown aside because of bigger or more important and pressing things, but they are well worth whatever extra time we do get.