Cohort Fun

CohortThis week has been full of Halloween and fall festivities.  One of my cohort-mates has a Halloween birthday so she and her roommate invited us over for homemade apple cider and funfetti cupcakes.  It was the perfect study break for the week!  I appreciate the way our cohort makes an effort to get together outside of class.  A lot of us talked about where we will be applying for internship next year.   I think that internship applications are always weighing on the back of our minds.

This weekend we continued the celebration with a Halloween Murder Mystery party.  One of my cohort-mates wrote a script based on our Halloween costumes.  I went as Nancy Drew- I thought it was fitting for the theme.  “The butler” gave us the difficult task of trying to determine who murdered Walt Disney.  We were each given our motive for killing Walt along with a rumor about one of the other party attendees.  My rumor was about Buzz Lightyear being bitter about Woody being the star of a new Toy Story movie in the making.  I guess I didn’t share my rumor with enough people though—because it turned out to be the one that revealed the murderer!  It’s these fun, crazy activities that let us all relax just as things are starting to get crazy with class, practicum, and internship applications!