In love with Virginia’s spring season

So Spring has finally arrived here in Williamsburg! Everywhere, trees are starting to blossom, the sun is out and I no longer have to worry about finding my car windows encased in ice when I leave in the morning (not that it was that bad to begin with…).  All in all, it’s been great seeing the cherry blossoms dot the landscape and taking in the sights and smells of the beautiful scenery that this area is gifted with.

Just the other day, I was speaking with my sister who is back in my home town of Portland, Oregon.  Apparently, our respective weather patterns couldn’t be more dichotomous, with her experiences being “gifted” with rain and 50 degree highs.  I could only empathize from a distance, as I had plans to go hiking through the trails around Waller Mill Park and enjoy a scenic drive down Colonial Historic Parkway.  For some reason, knowing what I would be faced with should I have been “home” made my hike and drive all the sweeter.  I am officially in love with Virginia’s spring season.