Spring has Sprung??

Well it is a lovely spring morning in Williamsburg, 10am and already we are around 70 degrees. Are you sure it is February? This is just plain weird. Having lived in Virginia my whole life I am pretty used to the crazy weather that frequents our state. If you are from around here you’ve probably heard sayings like, “In Virginia you get all four seasons, just not always in the right order!” or “hey you don’t like the weather, well stick around for dinner and it will probably have changed!”

The Williamsburg area usually does allow one to experience a full range of temperatures, but this winter seems particularly ridiculous.  Monday there was snow on the ground. By Thursday it was in the mid 70s.  I must admit it is nice to take a walk in the sunshine and feel a warm breeze. I went for a nice stroll around Williamsburg with the dog yesterday and it put me in a great mood! 

Just a thought of advice: If you are moving to Williamsburg you might want to bring a winter coat, and rain boots, and some shorts. You’ll probably use all of those things in one week!