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K-12 Learner Programs

Programs for high-ability students are offered through the Center for Gifted Education (CFGE).

Session at FOFIntroducing William & Mary Youth Talent Search Program (W&M-YTS Program)! 

This program will offer students the opportunity to be tested above level to assess where students are academically. This will give educators and families information to provide students with resources, ability-level enrichment programming, and other services that help them learn and develop at a higher ability level.

Saturday/Summer Enrichment Programs 

Offered each year at William & Mary during the Spring, Summer and Fall, these enrichment programs enable students to explore specialized topics not typically studied in the regular classroom. 

Focusing on the Future 

Our annual academic- and career-planning conference for middle- and high-school students, their parents and guidance counselors.   Mark your calendars for February 22, 2025 and stay tuned for more information!

JLab/VIMS Governor's School

This is a summer program for gifted rising 11th- and 12th-grade students to participate in authentic experiences in engineering, aeronautical or marine research.  Please contact your school's Guidance Counselor or district's Coordinator of Gifted Programs for additional information.

Camp Launch

A summer camp for high-ability, rising 7th-10th grade Virginia students from low-income households and offers courses in STEM, writing, and personal development. Candidates must meet strict criteria.

The Optimist Project

In conjunction with The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (JKCF), this two week residential camp supports the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion by ensuring each group studied is accorded equal status, respecting cultural differences, and promoting an understanding of the psychology underpinning intergroup relations. Young Scholars have a role to play in building the society of which they want to be a part. The program will develop the Young Scholars’ leadership skills as they apply lessons from the past to an imagined more perfect future. Utilizing an appreciative inquiry framework, they will identify resources required to bring about change in their own communities. 

For more information, please contact the CFGE Precollegiate Learner Programs Staff, 757-221-2362. You can also contact us by [[sep,email]].