Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are the primary source of financial assistance offered by the School of Education.

Through assistantships, some full-time students have the opportunity to assist faculty and administrators in meeting their teaching, research, and administrative obligations. In return, students receive tuition assistance and a stipend or salary. Every year the School of Education awards approximately 100 assistantships. The total remunerative value of an assistantship is a "package" including both tuition support and a stipend or salary, as well as an out-of-state tuition waiver, if applicable.

Assistantships are sometimes available in other offices on the William & Mary campus as well as in other educational agencies in the community. Although the level of financial support provided in these assistantships usually equals and can even exceed the support provided through the School of Education, the exact dollar value varies each year and is determined by the individual agencies.  Higher Education Students are eligible for assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs.

The William & Mary School of Education makes an effort to help connect students who are interested in serving as a Graduate Assistant with potential opportunities on campus. However, there are more students than openings, so we encourage students to begin identifying assistantships they are interested in and gearing their application and resume to the needs of that department. Please remember that this is an application for a job in a working office, so your contact with potential office personnel should be professional and your application should include a resume.

Faculty and supervisors with assistantship openings will review resumes at the time of admission application review. Admitted students who have been selected for an assistantship will either be notified with the admission offer, or will receive an email with the details of the assistantship in March or April. 

A full-time assistantship is 20 hours per week, and a half-time assistantship is 10 hours per week. Most students complete the assistantship application when they complete the application for admission. If you did not, you can send in the application after admission. Eligibility, selection, requirements, payment information, etc. can be found in the graduate assistantship policy document.

Current applicants for admission will mark the box indicating an interest in holding a graduate assistantship on the online application. 

Currently enrolled students can complete the online form (Current applicants should not complete this form.)