Associate Dean Leslie Grant named President of ASCD

  • New ASCD President:
    New ASCD President:  Leslie Grant was named president of ASCD at the organization's annual {em}Empower18{/em} conference, where Dr. Jill Biden was a keynote speaker.  
  • New ASCD President:
    New ASCD President:  The conference also featured General Colin Powell, who spoke of the transformative power of education.  
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Leslie Grant, associate professor and associate dean for academic programs, has been elected president of ASCD, the global community of educators dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching and leading.

“I’ve been involved with ASCD since starting in education as a middle-school teacher,” said Grant. “At every stage of my career, ASCD has been a place I’ve turned to for resources and opportunities to grow as an educator. It’s an organization that grows with you throughout your career, offering support for every stage of the profession.”

Grant has served on the organization’s Board of Directors since 2015, and will complete a one-year term as vice-president this summer before taking the helm as president.

The announcement was made at Empower18, the organization’s annual conference, held this year in Boston, MA. General session speakers included Dr. Jill Biden, Manny Scott and General Colin L. Powell. Gen. Powell spoke of the transformative power of education, citing his own experiences as the son of immigrants rising to the positions of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state. Powell also spoke of the impact of William & Mary on his own family, as all three of his children are alumni.

ASCD, which boasts a membership of more than 115,000 superintendents, principals, teachers and advocates in more than 128 countries, produces publications and resources, hosts conferences and professional development opportunities, and leads advocacy efforts to support students and the education profession.

“I often use the metaphor of spring rain to explain the impact of ASCD,” said Grant. “We aim to permeate the educational landscape, allowing for new growth, new ideas and new strategies for education. Ultimately, it’s about ASCD’s impact on every child in every classroom.”

The organization’s Whole Child approach aims to move beyond test scores and redefine student success. “We’re continually evolving to meet the needs of students, teachers, and school leaders,” said Grant.

“ASCD has been an invaluable resource for me,” she added. “I’m honored to be a part of the leadership that will ensure it continues to be a resource for future generations of educators.”