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Award-winning paper addresses Academic Optimism

Megan Tschannen-MoranProfessor Megan Tschannan-Moran co-authored an award-winning paper with two doctoral students, Regina Bankole and Dennis Moore, as well as a colleague Roxanne Mitchell from the University of Alabama. This article, based in part on the dissertation studies of Dr. Bankole and Dr. Moore, was designated as a highly commended article in the Journal of Educational Administration.

This research aims to add to the literature on Academic Optimism, a composite measure composed of teachers’ trust in students, as well as their perceptions of academic press and collective efficacy by exploring a similar set of constructs from the student perceptive. The relationships between student trust in teachers, student perceptions of academic press, and student identification with school were examined as well as how they were individually and collectively related to student achievement in the schools in an urban school district.

This year’s winners have been announced on the Journal of Educational Administration website

The paper is now freely available until the end of May with this direct link .