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EPPL students place second in national manuscript competition

Manuscript a collaborative effort across EPPL disciplines

Kristen Tarantino, Jessica McDonough, Hau MaWorking together on a paper in the research methods class (EDUC 663), three doctoral students from the EPPL program: Kristen Tarantino (higher education), Jessica McDonough (gifted education), and Hua Ma (curriculum education technology) placed 2nd in the Graduate Student Manuscript Competition sponsored by

They worked to develop a paper that represented each of their backgrounds, higher education, curriculum education technology, and K-12 gifted education.  

The paper itself was a review of the literature focusing on the impact that social media has on student engagement in learning.  Their goal was to talk about the connections between student engagement and student learning, the prevalence of social media usage and how it can impact peer interactions, collaboration, and knowledge creation.  They discuss ways in which social media has been shown to engage students in their learning and the challenges that occur with incorporating social media into course content.  The paper also makes recommendations for educators on how to incorporate social media into academic course content.

Their manuscript, "Effects of Student Engagement with Social Media on Student Learning", will be published in The Journal of Technology in later this spring.