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2013 Awards Ceremony

The impact of private support is deep and truly affects the experience of students

Lloyd-Hazlett, Ardyss and John Wherry, Serena Matuk, 2013 recipientJessica Lloyd-Hazlett, Ardyss Wherry, John Wherry, Serena Matuk, 2013 recipient of the Wherry Scholarship Award

With more than 140 guests in attendance, the School of Education Awards Ceremony on December 6 provided the opportunity to celebrate student achievements and the generous philanthropy of our benefactors.  The impact of private support is deep and truly affects the experience of our students.

Jessica Lloyd-Hazlett, who is working towards her Ph.D. in Counseling, spoke about the impact of the scholarships she received in her academic journey. She was a recipient of the 2011 Barton Malow Fellowship and the 2012 John H. & Ardyss S. Wherry Scholarship Award. 

Jessica Lloyd-HazlettWhen expressing her appreciation for this award, she said, “It is difficult to sum up the impact the financial aid has had on my experience at William & Mary because quite honestly it is hard to imagine my journey here without this assistance. Quantitatively, the support I have received enabled me to purchase my first "real" laptop, which has been critical to completing not only my coursework, but also the day-to-day correspondence and extracurricular activities (research, professional association leadership, supervision) that accompany doctoral studies. Additionally, thanks to the support I received I have been able to study and present on counseling internationally in both Scotland and Slovenia.”

“Qualitatively,” she said, “the financial assistance I have been honored to receive has contributed to my sense of belonging as a member the W&M tribe. As a student that has supported her education (as well as being fully financially independent since 18), this assistance has enabled me to focus on my scholarship and future pursuits, rather than the costs associated with this journey.”

It was the first Awards Ceremony hosted by Dean Spencer Niles. He was struck by the sense of commitment and sense of community he witnessed when he arrived this past July and said, “Very early on I began meeting with alumni and donors of the School of Education and I was so impressed by the passion each shared for investing time, talent, and treasures in the School.  I quickly learned the importance of private support to ensure our students have a high caliber experience in the classroom and beyond.”

The School of Education has 38 privately funded scholarships that are providing more than $155,000 in funding to students for this academic year. Many of these scholarships are endowed and will be awarded in perpetuity. Of the $7.5 million endowment supporting the School of Education, more than half, $4.1M, is designated for undergraduate and graduate student financial aid.  The remaining endowment funds advance opportunities for faculty and program support. In addition to endowed scholarships, we also have a number of annual scholarships that are funded each year by donors and awarded based on the criteria established by the benefactors.

In addition to the awards given this year there are several new awards to be presented at a later date.

Stuart Flanagan Family Mathematics Scholarship Endowment 

Sarah Lindsey Gupta Memorial Scholarship  

Dr. Martha Lazcano Muguira Fellowship

Thom Terwilliger Higher Education Fellowship

Barbara Mitchell Welch Graduate Fellowship in Education