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Spring Awards ceremony honors outstanding students

"The work you do makes our success possible."

Dr. Shannon Chance

The Dean's Award for Excellence for doctoral students was presented to Shannon Chance at the Spring Awards ceremony April 30.  Dr. Chance said in her acknowledgement remarks, "I would like to thank all the donors and other supporters of the School. The work you do makes our success possible.  The faculty at the School of Education has created an unparalleled learning environment."

Shannon was the 2007 recipient of the Christopher Wren Association Award which supports a student who exhibits an understanding of the importance of life-long learning as demonstrated through their own personal career choice and by conducting research to enhance learning over their lifespan. Shannon said, "The scholarship from the Christopher Wren Association helped make it possible for me to begin my studies here."

During the Spring Awards ceremony, over 90 students were honored with scholarships and awards totaling more than $150,000.  This annual event is an opportunity to recognize student accomplishments and celebrate the generosity of our donors.  It also allows alumni and donors to meet many of the students and learn more about their work. 

For donors, funding a scholarship is a meaningful way to support the School of Education in an area of particular interest.  Such an investment creates opportunities for students and has lasting value.   Student beneficiaries are grateful for the financial assistance and enjoy the opportunity to meet the donors who established the scholarship funds.   

As the economy continues to impact William & Mary students seeking to pay for a college and graduate school education, the University's financial aid resources are being stretched as never before.  Private support plays in even more critical role in supporting the dreams and aspirations of our students.