Program Admission Information

Summer courses are open to students entering Kindergarten through grade 9; however, Kindergartners must be 5 years of age by the first day of the program. For students previously enrolled in the Enrichment Program, documentation of eligibility is on file and no additional data are required. Parents are responsible for gathering the information for the application. School personnel are not expected to prepare the application packet.

Criteria for program admission

1. Test scores: Students who have scored in the 95th percentile or above on a nationally normed aptitude or achievement test are eligible to apply (view a list of accepted tests). Application test scores at the 90th percentile or better must be in at least one of the following areas: reading comprehension, vocabulary, language total, math total, concepts, math problem-solving, science, social studies, or the composite. Additionally, students whose standardized test scores are close to 90th percentile and who have a strong letter of recommendation will be considered for admission. A copy of the student's test scores should be included in the application. 

2. Recommendation form: A recommendation from a teacher, principal, or counselor is also required. A blank recommendation form is included in the brochure.

NEW: We will now be accepting report cards and SOL scores in place of cognitive or achievement testing.


Completed Applications
  • Application fee of $50 (non-refundable) or full tuition
  • Application form
  • Pick-Up form (one form completed for each child)
  • Health form (one form completed for each child)
  • Copy of Medical Insurance Card/Prescription card
  • Interview & Photograph Release Form
  • Internet Acceptable Use Procedures & Agreement
    NEW Students also include:
    • Recent standardized test scores (MUST be at 90% or above)
    • Recommendation from school (may be sent separately by school)

Please submit two copies of all forms per course taken.

  • Contact [[mxkim3, Dr. Mihyeon Kim]] for scholarship information.
Acceptance Letters

Acceptance letters will be emailed in early February for Spring SEP, early June for Summer SEP, and early October for Fall SEP. The letters will contain the following information:

  • an invoice indicating tuition balance due (if any), the name of course in which enrolled, and building/room location;
  • a campus map; and
  • a parking permit and regulations (summer only).
Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment

Each student must have an individual pick-up and health form for each program (please do not group siblings on a single form). Applications will not be processed until a complete, signed form is received. Any medical emergencies will go to the nearest emergency facility.


Program staff (teachers, assistants, and administrators) may not administer any kind of medication to the students, except for in the case of emergency epipen administration for students with extreme allergies. If a child needs any type of medication during program hours, a parent will have to administer it.


Courses are taught by a variety of talented instructors, including area teachers of gifted and talented learners, graduate students from William & Mary, and content specialists.

Inclement Weather Notification

We will contact families if we are forced to cancel classes due to weather. Parents may also call (757) 221-6198 for closing announcements.

Discipline Policy

The Saturday/Summer Enrichment Program adheres to a disciplinary policy of students taking responsibility for their own behaviors. We expect that all students will behave appropriately during class so that learning experiences can benefit all. If a student should be disruptive in a SEP class, a warning will be given to the student and parents on the day of the infraction. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the child will be removed from the class and may be removed from the program.