Education as a Second Major

Elementary and Secondary Education Programs

Application Deadline for Fall 2019/Spring 2020  is the first day of classes of the Fall 2019 semester. Application opens March 1st. 

Admission Criteria and Procedures

NOTE: You must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and at least 54 credit hours (Junior status) at William and Mary by the time you start taking education classes in order to be admitted to the School of Education. Application should be made in the Spring semester of the Sophomore year, or before the Fall semester of the Junior year.

When you enter the online application, You will need to Sign Up and create an account.  Then select Undergraduate and School of Education, then Undergraduate Major Program.  See screen shot below:

Screen shot

Typically decision letters will be emailed within three weeks of receipt of application.

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Admission to baccalaureate study at the College of William and Mary does not automatically include admission to the Elementary or Secondary Education programs in the School of Education. Undergraduate students interested in Elementary or Secondary Education programs of study, must apply for admission to the School of Education  during the spring semester of the sophomore year or no later than the first day of classes of the fall semester of the junior year.

Admission to the program requires an overall grade point average of at least 2.0 in course work completed to date. After the application form is submitted, the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Student Services verifies the applicant's prior course work and grade point average and then reviews the file. Questions pertaining to the admissions process should be directed to the Office of Academic Programs in the School of Education- telephone: 221-2308; or [[dsosbo, email]]. Students will be notified in writing of their admission status.

The State of Virginia suggests that students major in an Arts & Sciences discipline in order to be certified to teach. For Elementary Education students, this means that the student may choose any Arts & Sciences discipline (English, Biology, French, Psychology, Math, etc.) as the primary major, and then add education as a second major in order to obtain certification to teach. A Secondary Education student must major in the subject he or she wishes to teach. Students cannot have a primary major in education in the state of Virginia.

NOTE: A student cannot register for an education class without first being admitted to the School of Education.

Student Advisement & Licensure Exam requirements

Students are urged to take full advantage of the advisement services in the School of Education. During their freshman and sophomore years, they are encouraged to talk with faculty in the School about potential careers in teaching. Upon admission to the Education program, students are assigned academic advisors who are faculty members in the School of Education. Before registering for education courses, students meet with their advisors to discuss academic, personal and professional goals; to review both the academic regulations of the College and the specific course requirements for teacher certification; and to plan a program of studies in Education. Education advisors work with the students throughout their junior and senior years. Students should review the Program of Studies form with their advisors before beginning education coursework.

In addition to coursework and field experiences there are exams required for program completion and licensure. A complete listing of the tests required can be found on the Office of Teacher Education and Professional Services website.

 Undergraduate Requirements

Please see our forms page to download the appropriate [pdf] files to complete.