VA Teaching Scholarship Loan Program

The Virginia General Assembly provides funds to support the Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program (VTSLP)  as an incentive to increase the number of teacher candidates pursuing careers in critical teacher shortage areas as defined in the Board of Education's Regulations Governing the Determination of Critical Teacher Shortage areas. Also, the program serves as an incentive to increase the diversity of persons pursuing careers in teaching.

The critical shortage areas defined for the 2021-2022 program that are offered through our School of Education are Special Education, Elementary Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, andScience Education.

 The completed application MUST be returned to Senior Assistant Dean Osborne at no later than Monday, July 19, 2021.   

Please sign page 14 of the application electronically or with an original signature in blue ink. Electronic signatures are acceptable for the application only. A graphic image of a signature placed on a document using secure software that verifies the identity of the user on the other end (e.g. DocuSign, Adobe) is valid. A typewritten name, regardless of font, is not acceptable.

In order to be considered for this program, you MUST be nominated by the School of Education. Do not send your application directly to the Department of Education.  William & Mary may nominate only 3 students from the applications received.  All applicants must attest to being a domiciliary resident of Virginia and must have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7.

Sample promissory note.  If selected, the VDOE will send you an original promissory note to complete.