Parking Assignments – All faculty, staff, and students who regularly drive to the building will be expected to purchase a parking pass from campus Parking Services and to park in their designated lots.  

Handicapped Parking – Parking in handicapped parking areas is reserved for individuals with handicap decals or license plates.

PDC EventsFor most events, Lot 8 (on the west side of the building, near the loading dock) will be reserved for PDC attendees.  Signs will be posted at Lot 8 in advance of events to let Faculty/Staff know when the lot is not available for parking.  On these days, all Faculty/Staff should use Lots 6 and 7 on the east side of the building, which should accommodate normal usage. 

When Lot 8 is closed for PDC events, the Handicap and Carpool parking spaces will remain unaffected and will still be available to applicable users.

For events that exceed 30 attendees, temporary parking passes will be distributed to attendees permitting them to park in Student lots adjacent to Monticello Avenue.  Attendees will also be directed to William & Mary Hall parking (utilizing the pedestrian pathway through the woods).

Additional notes about parking:

In general, invited guests will have parking passes provided to them by the host program.  All other visitors may obtain a pass from Parking Services (at 201 Ukrop Way). For short visits, guests can park in one of the metered spots.

Student parking is available in Lots 1-5.  Lot 4 is near the former helicopter pad at the corner of Monticello and Mt. Vernon.  Lot 5 is adjacent to the Faculty/Staff lots on Mt. Vernon.

Similar to other locations across campus, all Faculty/Staff spaces become available for student use at 5 p.m.