Maintenance and Upkeep

No permanent fixtures should be removed, altered, or installed without written permission from the Building Manager.

Carpet Care in Offices: Personnel may purchase and use carpet protectors for use under office desk chairs.

Classrooms, meeting and conference rooms will be cleaned and provided with markers and eraser wipes each weekday morning or days of scheduled use. Whiteboards will be cleaned daily.


Bulletin boards for posting announcements/flyers/ads etc. are provided on the second floor over the laptop bar in the student lounge. Outdated materials and flyers posted in any area other than approved bulletin boards will be removed and discarded.

Tape can mar the walls in the building.  Please refrain from using tape on walls or doors.


Animals (other than guide dogs on leash) are not permitted in the building.

Electrical Appliances

Personal appliances (e.g., small refrigerators, coffee makers, space heaters) are not allowed in individual offices in accord with fire code.  Similarly, power extension cords are not permitted.

Work Orders:

All faculty or staff members shall report to the Building Manager (PDC Coordinator) any malfunctions, damage or problems detected within or outside the building that may compromise (a) building security/safety of its members or visitors, or (b) the aesthetics of the facility.