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Virtual Meetings with Faculty and Current Students

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Clinical Mental Health

Dr. Craig Cashwell

April 6, 3 pm

Clinical Mental Health- Couples, Marriage & Family Counseling

Dr. Amber Pope

April 11, 12 pm

Clinical Mental Health- Military & Veterans Counseling

Dr. Elizabeth Burgin

April 7, 3 pm

Clinical Mental Health- School Counseling

Dr. Pamela Harris

April 12, 11 am

Elementary Education

Dr. Kristin Conradi Smith

April 4, 5 pm

ESL/Bilingual Education

Dr. Katherine Barko-Alva

April 5, 12 pm

Executive EdD (Higher Education Administration, K-12 Administration, Gifted Administration, Online International School Leadership)

Dr. Peggie Constantino

April 4, 4:30 pm

Higher Education- MEd

Student Ambassadors: Macy Lawton & Carley MacKenzie

April 5, 7 pm
International Students

Student Ambassadors: Arif Ghani & Shadeed Khan

April 4, 9 am

PhD Programs in EPPL

Student Ambassadors: Arif Ghani, David Harger & Amy Wallace

April 4, 2 pm

School Counseling

Student Ambassador: Kyle Schofield

April 12, 3:30 pm

School Psychology

Dr. Janise Parker

April 7, 10 am

School Psychology

Student Ambassadors: Lauren Ashley & Isabel Jabaley

April 12, 4 pm

Secondary Education- Social Studies

Dr. Esther Kim

April 6, 1 pm

Special Education

Prof. Debbie Ramer

April 5, 5 pm

Teacher Education

Student Ambassadors: Hannah Cole & Hannah Simpson

April 10, 3 pm