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Virginia K. McLaughlin '71

Chancellor Professor of Special Education

In 1983, Ginnie McLaughlin returned to her alma mater after ten years teaching in special education classrooms and training future teachers. She rose quickly to the position of associate dean, discovering a keen talent for administration and faculty support. Working closely with President Tim Sullivan as chief of staff , she honed her leadership skills and was named dean in 1995.

Over the course of her 18 years as dean, she guided the School of Education through a time of tremendous change—working diligently to preserve the unique character of the school while expanding its service to students, community and Commonwealth. 

Ginnie shepherded the construction of the new School of Education building, helping to conceptualize and design a state-of-the-art facility that enabled the community to reach even higher standards of excellence.

“I love seeing people flourish. My time at William & Mary has given me so many opportunities to support faculty and students, and to provide the resources they need to do their very best work. I’m proud of what we were able to build together.”