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Excellence in Co-Teaching Demonstration Sites

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has identified effective co-teachers throughout the commonwealth to participate in the Excellence in Co-Teaching Project.  These co-teachers developed lesson plans, presentations, and other resources with research-based inclusive practices that meet the needs of all students within the general education classroom. Explore webshops, demonstration videos, and implementation guides which highlight the work of the Real Co-Teachers of Virginia by clicking on the pictures below. Once you follow the links below, you will need to enter your TTAC Online username and password, or create one, to access the trainings and to save your progress.

For more information about the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative contact Jason Betzner, and Shelley Littleton at T/TAC, William & Mary. 

Real Co-Teachers of Virginia Go Virtual!

View these webshops for co-teaching tips, lesson plans, videos, and newsletter examples that elementary and secondary co-teachers used when providing virtual instruction during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Real Co-Teachers of Virginia Discuss High Leverage practices (HLPs)-Elementary

High leverage practices for special education are essential for including students with disabilities in the co-taught classroom and increasing family engagement.  Watch these videos to get ideas on how to enhance your elementary classroom practices.

Chalk It Up to Experience! Tips from Real Co-Teachers of Virginia

Download this PDF for a guide to co-teaching with highlights from the Virginia Department of Education’s Co-Teacher Ambassadors.  Learn tips for establishing routines, creating relationships, classroom management, using technology within the co-taught classroom.

Real Co-Teachers of Virginia-Elementary

Explore lesson plans and videos examples of co-planning and co-instructing at the elementary level.realelem.png

Real Co-Teachers of Virginia-Middle and High

Explore lesson plans and videos examples of co-planning and co-instructing at the secondary level.

 Voices from the Classroom

 View the interview with Michael Hurley and Carolyn Laudicina, a co-teaching team from Livingston Elementary school in Spotsylvania County.



Hear Page Middle School co-teachers, Dana Cooper and Brian Teuke, describe the benefits their students experience in their co-taught classroom.




Other Examples of Co-Teaching in Action

 Co-teachers in Caroline County deliver intensive instruction in their co-taught classroom by utilizing flexible grouping and alternative teaching.  View the video below for a quick glimpse into their guided math groups.



Access the full lesson plan with videos for each section, by viewing the article Designing an Inclusive Classroom.