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The Strategic Instruction Model™ (SIM™) is an integrated model of research-validated practices that addresses the needs of diverse learners, primarily adolescents. SIM™ has been developed through rigorous, on-going research at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL). The Strategic Instruction Model™ consists of learning strategies and routines.  The Learning Strategies (student-centered) are used with students to help in the mastery of basic skills, while the Content Enhancement Routines (teacher-centered) are used with whole class instruction to help teachers make content meaningful and memorable for students.

SIM™ may be accessed as part of the Virginia Tiered Systems of Support (VTSS) or through Training and Technical Assistance Center at William & Mary’s (TTAC W&M) work with your school. 

Please view this short video to learn more about these evidenced based instructional practices.

Additional information about each Content Enhancement Routine and each Learning Strategy may be found by visiting the Strategic Instruction Model™ website.

Standard File
Standard File

By following each of the links below, you may access a video prepared by the SIM™ Professional Developers at the TTAC W&M highlighting select routines and learning strategies, as well as a description from KUCRL.

Content Enhancement Routines
  • Unit Organizer  - Contact:  [[ddavisperry, Donni Davis-Perry]] and [[sblittleton, Shelley Littleton]]

{{youtube:large|xSKK_o6RWc0,Unit Organizer}}

  • Vocabulary LINCing - Contact:  [[ddavisperry, Donni Davis-Perry]] and [[sblittleton, Shelley Littleton]]
Learning Strategies

{{youtube:large|QpGfbU2Iq54,Word Mapping}}

For further information about SIM™ contact  [[mmstowe,Mary Stowe]].