Training Modules


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Power Tools: IEP Planning and Specially Designed Instruction

Every new school year brings the opportunity to reflect and look forward. If organization, data collection, and designing specialized instruction for your students with disabilities are a challenge for you, search no more. We have two resources that will help in all these areas.

Multisensory Structured Language Instruction and Teaching Series
This module will explore the components of the basic structure of the English language and multisensory strategies to deliver instruction.  You will find introductory slides that explain this approach, links to documents and reports, and video clips to demonstrate and support your use of the approach being presented.
Co-Planning & Co-Teaching for Student Success
The purpose of this module is to provide basic information to professionals who are currently engaged in or considering a co-teaching model to support students with mild to moderate disabilities within the general education setting.  The module will provide a structure for developing positive collaborative relationships between co-teaching partners and provide links to tools that can be used to increase effectiveness.
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