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  • School Instructional Assessment The School University Resource Network (SURN) is available  to assist schools in assessing needs at the school level to inform action planning of customized professional development. The Instructional Assessment, developed by former SURN Director Dr. Jan Rozzelle, has been used by schools and districts across the United States to generate data on the learning environment, grouping patterns, instructional content, types of text, student engagement, and instructional delivery styles.
  • Retreats are experiences created specifically for a particular school, school system, or contracting organization. For example, an out-of-state education group may want to hold an executive planning retreat in Williamsburg, VA and contracts with the School Leadership Institute to arrange for presentations from William and Mary faculty as well as assist with local arrangements.
(School-University Research/Resource Network) has received awards and grants from:
  • Virginia Department of Education
  • State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)
  • Jessie Ball duPont Fund