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A Deeper Dive: From the Ground Up

We are back in Lancaster County to continue our partnership for deeper learning. Selected teacher leaders from grades K-8 worked with us to create a cohesive district scope and sequence guide and unit resources in English Language Arts and Math, with opportunities for deeper learning and project-based instruction.

EAGER to Collaborate

CILD co-director Dr. Meredith Kier was awarded a $300,000 Early-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) grant from the  National Science Foundation (NSF) to design and develop a novel research-practitioner partnership between Newport News Public School teachers, undergraduate engineering fellows from the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and undergraduate students from William & Mary.

Small Hacks to Increase Student Voice

In an average school year, students spend about 1,260 hours in school. When we step back and consider it, all this time is spent in an environment in which they have little influence on their day-to-day experiences and conditions.

Deepening Learning in Schools, One Department at a Time

Wow, it’s been quiet around here on the CILD blog – not because we haven’t been busy, though. Reimagining teaching and learning with collaborators from across Virginia is busy work! We thought you might like to have an update on some of the work we’re undertaking, and get a sneak peek into a new project we’re launching.

Making the Most of the Home Stretch

Thinking back to my high school history teaching days, I don’t remember the final quarter of the year too fondly. Mostly, images of test prepping, crowd control, and glazed over eyes comes to mind. I remember distinctly thinking that I just needed to make it to the end of the year, then I’d have the opportunity to start fresh the following year.

Educator Spotlight: Jackie Chisam on Bringing PBL Into the Traditional Classroom

Many seasoned teachers know that the first year teaching can seem like a struggle to just survive each new day in the classroom.  There is a steep learning curve and the work is seemingly endless. As a new teacher in the English classroom, Jackie Chisam admits that it would have been easy to fall into the trap of taking a more traditional teacher-directed approach to teaching English: read a novel, write about it, take a test on it…wash, rinse, repeat.

Big Changes Start Small

Guest post by Shelly Cihak, Ed.D. – Shelly is the principal at Poquoson High School, where the emphasis is engaging all students to help realize their post-secondary goals. Follow her learning adventures on Twitter @ShellyCihak.

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes - Shadow A Student

Today the Shadow a Student Challenge kicks off. This nationwide effort developed by School Retool, IDEO, and the Stanford encourages educators to develop empathy for students by shadowing them for an entire day.

The Power of Protocols

Look around at a typical PD session and you’ll often see laptops out with Facebook up, the guy working on his grocery list, and the blank, comatose stare that comes from (far) too many PowerPoint slides.

A Skeleton in the Woods

Sixteen juniors and seniors investigating a skeleton in the woods are enrolled in the second of two semester-long elective course, Forensics: Crime Scene Analysis, taught by Sharon Kreamer. Students come in with a range of experience in science and math, but in the 90 minute block class that meets every other day, they engage in hands-on, authentic applications of the science and math embedded in the course.

Reviewing "A Rich Seam" by Michael Fullen & Maria Langworthy

In A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning, Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy discuss the evolving relationships among students, teachers, technology, curricula, school cultures, and assessment in the context of the three forces they name as driving educational transformation — “new pedagogies, new change leadership, and new system economics.”

Classroom-Based Innovation: A Book Review of "Pure Genius"

At some level, we all recognize the need to change what students experience in K-12 and in higher ed. In K-12 there is a clear need to increase engagement and authenticity to move beyond testing and basic skills to focus on deeper learning.

An Interview with Pedro Noguera

As we begin a new semester at CILD, we wanted to share with you a special interview with Dr. Pedro Noguera, Director for the Study of School Transformation at UCLA.

Showcasing Pathways

November is Take Your Legislator to School Month in Virginia. Warhill High School, in Williamsburg, VA invited local government officials to school on November 4, 2016 to showcase the Pathways Program.

Developing a Designer's Mindset: The Marshmallow Challenge

The excitement in the room was palpable. Bits of tape, string, and even remnants of raw spaghetti were strewn on the floor. There was the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. This wasn’t a sporting event. It was professional development for principals.

From the Desk of Ms. Roberts - Physics by Design

Freshman year of high school is a magical and exciting time for students. For the students of Warhill’s Project Pathways, freshman year of high school would not only represent a new phase in their lives, but also a brand new curriculum, full of innovation and fresh ideas.

First Day at Pathways

The Warhill High School commons is abuzz with the chatter of 100 excited fourteen year-olds, nervously clumped around tables, ready to embark on their first experience as freshmen in this new program.

CILD: Sparking Innovation

Last April, we held a screening of the documentary, Most Likely to Succeed at the School of Education. The opening scene of the film features a parent-teacher conference with a fourth grade student, Scout.

Game-Based Learning in Practice- Hornsby Middle School

Our innovation spotlight today highlights Elizabeth DeBoeser, former student teacher at Hornsby Middle School. DeBoeser implemented game-based learning, the practice of transforming educational material into playable games, in her 6th grade English class.