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Program Admission Information

Saturday/Summer Enrichment 2023 courses are open to students currently enrolled in grades 2 through grade 12.  Parents are responsible for gathering the information for the application. School personnel are not expected to prepare the application packet, only to submit the student recommendation. 

Returning Participants:

1. Completed program application forms via Campsite and all required documentation within enrollment process.

2. Payment via SEP Payment Portal.

3. Student Recommendation and Test Scores must be on file with the Center for Gifted Education. ** Please contact us at with any questions.**


New Applicants

1.  Test Scores - Students who have scored in the 95th percentile or above on a nationally normed aptitude or achievement test are eligible. Application test scores at the 95th percentile or better must be in at least one of the following areas: reading comprehension, vocabulary, language total, math total, math concepts, math problem-solving, science, social studies, or the composite. Contact your child’s school to determine if it has participated in a qualified test (examples below) and if the scores may be made available to you.  If unable to provide test scores, please contact us at to discuss other options.

2. Student Recommendation from a current teacher, counselor, or school administrator.

3. Completed program application forms via Campsite and all required documentation within enrollment process.

4. Payment via SEP Payment Portal

 Access Emails and Course Letters

Access emails will be sent in early February. 


Courses are taught by a variety of talented instructors, including area teachers of gifted and talented learners, and content specialists. 

Discipline Policy

The Saturday/Summer Enrichment Program adheres to a disciplinary policy of students taking responsibility for their own behaviors. We expect that all students will behave appropriately during class so that learning experiences can benefit all. If a student should be disruptive in a SEP class, a warning will be given to the student and parents on the day of the infraction. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the child will be removed from the class and may be removed from the program.