Personal Essay

Educational Policy, Planing & Leadership and School Psychology & Counselor Education Programs

The application requires an essay describing your career aspirations and why you have decided to seek admission to the School of Education at the College of William and Mary.

Your essay should describe your past experiences, both academic and volunteer or work-related, that are relevant to graduate study as well as the professionalism and perspectives that you will bring to your program.

In support of your candidacy, please provide additional information concerning such areas as leadership potential, collaborative skills, and propensity to engage in reflective practice.

You will upload your essay to the online application and submit electronically.

Essays are typically 2-3 pages.

Teacher Education Programs

The teacher education programs require two essays.  In the first, you will describe how the School of Education's mission aligns with your desire to become a teacher, and what you hope to gain from the program, and what you hope to contribute.  In the second essay, you will describe what it means to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners, and how that relates to your commitment to public education.  You can draw on your own life experiences to explain your vision.

You will upload your essays to the online application and submit electronically.

Each essay is typically typically 1-2 pages.