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Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership

Preparing bold leaders for an ever-changing world

W&M School of EducationAs demographics of student populations shift at both K-12 and higher education levels, graduate preparation programs must be more responsive and adaptable to new realities and priorities that emerge. The Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership Department meets this challenge by providing exciting opportunities for graduate studies.

The mission of the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership area is to serve Virginia and the nation by preparing highly qualified graduates with the knowledge and skills of policy, planning and leadership necessary to guide, influence, and shape institutions at all levels of education, and by enhancing the effectiveness of complex educational organizations through leadership, scholarship, and service.

The Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership programs are designed to develop educational leaders who:

  • can communicate effectively in speech and writing;
  • have command of and are contributors to the body of knowledge reflective of research and theory in the field;
  • possess the skills and knowledge to make effective decisions, to manage organizations, and to motivate and lead people so that institutional and personal goals are met; and
  • are prepared intellectually, personally, and professionally to provide service to diverse communities through productive work.

Graduates of our programs will practice their specialties in a variety of institutions, assist in conceptualizing and implementing educational programs serving different institutional goals and objectives, relate to a wide diversity of clientele, and have access to a variety of resources to meet institutional objectives. Effective educational leadership at any level requires knowledge of the concepts, generalizations, information, and values found in the theories of policy, planning, and leadership.

Curriculum and Educational Leadership (Ph.D.)
Chris Gareis
Executive Ed.D. in K-12 Administration, Higher Education Administration, International School Leadership, and Gifted Education Administration Peggie Constantino [[meconstantino]]
Gifted Education Administration (Ph.D.)
Tracy Cross
Higher Education Administration (M.Ed. and Ph.D.) Erica Wiborg

K-12 Educational Leadership:

Steven Constantino

Scott Baker