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Food and Beverages

Food and beverages may be consumed in student lounges, informal gathering areas and meeting rooms. Food and beverages on the classroom wing are restricted.  Exceptions may be approved for pre-packaged meals (e.g., boxed lunches).  Such food and drink should be set up in the reserved classroom, not in the hallway.  No serving utensils or drink dispensers (e.g., coffee pots) should be used.  When planning a food intensive event, contact the Building Manager to request space where catering can set up for buffet service.  Individual food consumption in classrooms is allowed, as long as beverages/liquids are kept in closed containers. Users are responsible for clean-up and proper disposal of all trash.  Trash that does not fit in the receptacle provided must be carried directly to a dumpster.  Violations of this policy will result in suspended food privileges. 

Refrigerators and microwave ovens are provided in first and third floor kitchen areas for faculty, staff and student use.  Students and employees can bring their own food and/or beverages and store them in these refrigerators. Food left in the refrigerator later than 5 pm on the Friday of each week will be discarded. Food intended to remain beyond the 5 pm Friday limit must be marked with a name and the date it was placed in the refrigerator and used within a reasonable time period. This rule does not include condiments or other nonperishable items (sodas, etc) but, once the “Best by” date has passed on these items, they too will be discarded. Sodas and other beverages should not be placed in freezer units.

Keurig coffee makers are provided in both kitchens. Users must bring their own coffee (K-cups) and supplies.  For coffee emergencies, the Assistant to the Dean and Faculty Secretary may provide K-cups.   

In addition, coffee and other beverages are available for purchase in the Café or vending machines. Vending machines are located in alcoves on the first floor across from Literacy for Life and on the second floor near the west stairway.