Brian Kooyman

Ph.D. Student in Counselor Education and Supervision

Brian KooymanWhen I think of diversity, I think of a recognition of the fact that although many of us come from ethnic, religious, and other groups, all of us have unique experiences that make us who we are. The word diversity allows us to encompass these macro and micro differences, helping us recognize and appreciate those differences. I have volunteered and worked in Mexico, Canada, and Russia. Working for a multinational corporation in a Slavic country allowed me the opportunity to observe others and myself from another perspective. I also spent time in Canada working with inner-city kids.  In Mexico, I was able to participate in construction projects in small desert villages. At SOE, my cohort is very diverse, coming from a variety of backgrounds. We have to negotiate around our own cultural heritages to do the work required of us as a group. I also work with a diverse group of supervisees and students, and have to generate models of learning that fit their needs. We are living in a globalized system now that demands us to expand our horizons.  At the SOE, we need to provide a multi-faceted worldview to accommodate this expanding system.