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Our Faculty & Staff

Award winning faculty? Absolutely. Amazing staff? You bet.

Don't you want to work with professionals who are not only great teachers, but are also highly regarded in their field?

The faculty in the School of Education participate in scholarship and research that play important roles in improving the greater educational community. Education faculty stay in routine contact with other William & Mary professors and with educators in the field. This cross-disciplinary interaction not only keeps curriculum content both rich and current, it leads to new ideas, which in turn lead to breakthroughs in understanding and methods. The results: more effective teaching and more incisive learning. The School's professors are acknowledged leaders in their fields, both nationally and internationally. Books authored by William & Mary education professors are bestsellers for publishers in education. The School's faculty have garnered more than $54 million in grants and private funds for their groundbreaking research over the past 10 years. Thirty-five states use a secondary school gifted-learning curriculum developed at the School of Education.

After launching the tour, you can click the arrows to walk around or jump to different stops and tours using the menu. For the best experience, be sure to click the pictures, videos and icons at each location to bring the interactive elements to life.

And let's not forget our amazing staff.  From the admission process through graduation, to our centers and outreach programs, our staff works hard to ensure you receive exceptional information, service, and hands on experiences.  Our staff are highly credentialed professionals who will help you every step of the way.  You will find that the School of Education is your home away from home - and one that you love coming back to.

The School of Education is located at 301 Monticello Avenue ~ Williamsburg, VA 23185  ~  Campus Map [pdf]