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Tamra Stambaugh, Ph.D. '07 and Susannah Wood, M.Ed. '00, Ph.D. '06

Co-wrote a book, Serving Gifted Students in Rural Settings

Tamra Stambaugh, Ph.D. '07Tamra Stambaugh, special education faculty member and director of Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth, has been selected to receive the Early Leader Award of the National Association of Gifted Children. Additionally, she and Emily Mofield, a Tennessee gifted educator, have won an NAGC Curriculum Award—their second. With Susannah Wood, M.Ed. '00', Ph.D. '06 of the University of Iowa, Tamra also recently co-wrote a book titled Serving Gifted Students in Rural Settings (Prufrock Press, 2015) which has been named a Legacy Book Award Winner by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

Tamra Stambaugh, Ph.D. is a 2007 graduate of the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership – Gifted Education program and Susannah Wood earned her M.Ed. in 2000 and her Ph.D. in 2006 from the William & Mary School of Education.

Dr. Stambaugh is the recipient of several awards: the Margaret The Lady Thatcher Medallion for scholarship, service, and character from the William & Mary School of Education; the Doctoral Student Award from the National Association for Gifted Children; the Jo Patterson Service Award from the Tennessee Association for Gifted Children; and the Higher Education Award from the Ohio Association for Gifted Children. Stambaugh has received or directed research and service grants totaling over $7.5 million. Prior to her appointment at Vanderbilt, she was director of grants and special projects at the William & Mary Center for Gifted Education.