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Leslie S. Kaplan, Ed.D. '78

Leslie S. Kaplan, Ed.D. '78, has recently co-authored  a new textbook, Introduction to the Principalship, Theory to Practice, with her husband, Dr. Bill Ownings.

The latest leadership textbook from author team Kaplan and Owings explores how principals can effectively build a culture around student achievement. Introduction to the Principalship helps aspiring principals understand how to develop a vision for improvement, make decisions and manage conflict, build teachers’ capacity, communicate, monitor the organization’s performance, and create a school climate of mutual respect. This important book provides readers with various leadership concepts to inform their practice, as well as the cognitive and practical tools to evaluate and prioritize what leadership actions to take. Each chapter offers opportunities for readers to create personal meaning and explore new ways of doing leadership to advance a positive, person-focused environment. Providing both the theoretical framework and skills for effective practice, Introduction to the Principalship addresses the issues most urgent and relevant for educational leadership graduate students learning how to build a school culture that promotes every student’s success.

Special Features:
• Learning Objectives—chapter openers introduce the topic and initiate student thinking.
• Reflections and Relevance —interactive exercises, role plays, class activities, and assignments help readers think about content in personally meaningful ways, facilitate understanding of chapter content, and help transfer leadership thinking to action in their own schools.
• ISLLC Standards—each chapter is aligned to the 2015 Interstate School Leadership Licensure Standards.
• Companion Website—includes links to supplemental material, additional readings, and PowerPoints for instructors.

They also wrote American Education: Building a Common Foundation (Wadsworth/Cengage, 2011) intended for college students who plan to become educators, this innovative textbook integrates the traditional educational foundations content with contemporary educational issues in a way that makes it highly relevant to readers.

Dr. Kaplan, now a retired school administrator from Newport News Public Schools, is currently a full-time education writer and researcher.  She and Dr. Owings, Professor of Educational Leadership at Old Dominion University, have also published "American Public School Finance" (Wadsworth/Thomson, 2006) as well as other books, monographs, and dozens of scholarly articles in refereed professional journals. Kaplan and Owings are also co-editors of the Journal for Effective Schools.