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Robert J. Grant, Ed. D. ‘83

Robert J. Grant, Ed.D. '83

Bob Grant is a 1983 graduate of the William & Mary School of Education (SOE) earning an Ed.D. and is an Emeritus Member of the SOE Development Board. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and has been the Director of Guidance and Counseling at Fork Union Military Academy since 2002.

“I grew up outside of Chicago, and in that area the College of William & Mary was considered the 'Harvard of the South.' I earned my master’s in Counseling from Loyola University of Chicago, and was promptly drafted into Naval Service. Upon discharge from the Navy I began my career as a counselor with the Norfolk, VA public schools and became very active in the Virginia Counselor’s Association where I met Dr. Fred Adair, a legendary professor at William & Mary. As we worked together in the Association, Fred encouraged me to apply for the Advanced Certificate and Doctoral Programs at the SOE. I hesitated for quite some time, as I was convinced I would never be accepted at an institution with such a stellar national reputation. Eventually I gave in, took the GRE with great terror in my heart, and to my surprise and excitement was admitted. Thus began a journey in 1980 that changed my life both personally and professionally, and which continues to occupy a very important place in my life and my heart.

I completed a number of courses on a part time basis, and then was fortunate enough to be able to attend as a full time graduate student for a year. After working as a school counselor for seven years, this was a very welcome blessing. The classes I completed were all interesting, challenging and professionally very applicable. My field experiences allowed me to grow as a supervisor of counselors under the incredibly talented tutelage of my professors. Beyond all of this, however, are the personal relationships I developed at the SOE and the total devotion to my success that I could sense was the driving force of the entire faculty. In addition, I know without a doubt that my degree from William and Mary opened many professional opportunities for me that would have been out of reach without it. After returning to the Norfolk Public Schools as a counselor, I moved through a series of positions including Department Chair, Assistant Principal, Middle and High School Principal, Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Program for the School Division and retired as the Supervisor of State Testing Programs for the City of Norfolk.

I know that I don’t need to restate the many superior statistics about the School of Education and its faculty, staff and graduates...all are available on the web site. However, what is most important to me is the lifelong bond with the SOE and its people that develops when you enroll here. It is the bond that impelled me to serve on the SOE Development Board for 12 years. It is the bond that encourages me to write to accepted students to share some thoughts about what a rich and rewarding experience awaits you at the College of William & Mary.”