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Kathleen Belk '07 at the Murie Center in Grand Teton National Park

Kathleen BelkKathleen Belk '07 is working at the Murie Center in Grand Teton National Park ( "I have the pleasure of helping design programs to support our mission of connecting people to the outdoors.  With inspiration from my student teaching experience in Williamsburg, and all that I learned from W&M SOE, I'm working with the Teton Science School to create three-day workshops for Wyoming teachers featuring Richard Louve's best practices for place based education.  We are halfway through our pilot year and look forward to more extensive programming in 2010.  Our first priority is Wyoming teachers but we hope to expand it on a national level.  I hope to get William and Mary grads out here to the Tetons in the future.  The Teton Science School is a leader in this type of work.  Their website is:"

In the photo: Flat Creek Cutthroat Trout: the biggest one I've ever caught.  I get to fly fish at my office everyday in the summer.