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Laura Bagbey '11 honored by the VACTE

Virginia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Professor John Noell Moore and Laura Bagbey '11Laura Bagbey, a 2011 graduate English major at William and Mary, has recently received The Virginia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (VACTE) 2011 Scholarship Award.

VACTE's purpose is to stimulate improvement in the preparation of teachers and other educational personnel in the Commonwealth. This prestigious award honors a future teacher who has demonstrated excellence in academic coursework and who has distinguished herself in the K-12 classroom. A student of Professor John Noell Moore in William and Mary's secondary English education program, Laura, who is from Richmond, Virginia, graduated on May 15, 2011.

Her  recommender for the VACTE Scholarship Award noted that  "Laura has proven in her work in our teacher education courses that she is an exemplar of the four qualities we value in future educators as we have expressed them in our School of Education Conceptual Framework. She is a content expert both in English studies and in English pedagogy, an effective collaborator, and a fine reflective practitioner. We see great potential in her for teacher leadership in her school and in her school district."

At the awards ceremony the presenter read a quotation from Laura's application: "For me, excellence in the teaching profession encompasses much more than the ability to impart knowledge and contribute to student success.  Teaching means striving everyday to understand my students and help them to believe that their opportunities in life are limitless.  Whether it is through lively classroom discussions, long evenings putting the final touches on the yearbook, or spirited conversations at track practice, I want to provide encouragement and direction so that all my students can learn that they possess the strength and determination to accomplish their dreams."