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School Psychology Student Association

The W&M School Psychology Student Association (SPSA) informs our program of professional development opportunities, and coordinates related community events for students, alumni, and faculty. SPSA Executive Board meets monthly to talk about program and cohort interests, makes connections across the University and the local community, and raises funds for our program. SPSA is vital to the coordination of important program events.

About the School Psychology Student Association (SPSA)

The School Psychology Student Association (SPSA) is a student-run organization designed to represent and serve the interests of graduate students in the School Psychology program. Our officers organize and host events to promote a cohesive and collaborative environment for students within the program and alumni.

  • We will help welcome new school psychology students, as well as show appreciation for graduates of our program, supervisors, and faculty.
  • We will represent students during program faculty meetings, facilitating ongoing communication between faculty and students.
  • We will host a number of activities and events, such as special topic presentations related to School Psychology and student social activities.
  • We will organize community outreach activities to practice the skills of engaging with our communities and creating positive social change.
  • We will educate our community about the important work school psychologists do to help all students thrive.
  • During National School Psychology Week (NSPW), we will plan and organize campus events, activities, and/or virtual events to celebrate the accomplishments of W&M School Psychology students and faculty.