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Higher Education Student Association (HESA)

The purpose of the Higher Education Student Association (HESA) is to encourage and promote student development as professionals and scholars within the Higher Education program at William & Mary.  The aim of HESA is to continue a high level of academic discourse among students and faculty in the School of Education as well as to encourage and support students in their academic and social community.  HESA works to perform the following:

  1. To foster academic, professional, and social interaction among the graduate students in the Higher Education program, its faculty, and administration;
  2. To represent the School of Education and the Higher Education program at the various larger campus organizations;
  3. To provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for the exchange of ideas to the academic and local community;
  4. And to provide service opportunities within our campus community as well as within our greater regional community.

All graduate students in the School of Education involved in the Higher Education program are considered members of HESA.  Like our Facebook page for more updates from HESA and follow us on Instagram!

If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments, please email the HESA executive committee at