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Content Enhancement Routines

SIM Content Enhancement Routine Visual
Unit Organizer 

Contacts:  [[sblittleton, Shelley Littleton]]

Watch video below on Unit Organizer

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Voices from the Field:

Are you interested in hearing how a special educator incorporated the SIM™ Unit Organizer Routine into her middle school class?  Watch interview with Sarahbeth Vernon below, who learned about the Unit Organizer through an asynchronous course offered through T/TAC William & Mary.  Access the Unit Organizer digital notebook that she references during the interview.

If you are interested in enrolling in a free Unit Organizer course through T/TAC William & Mary, contact a SIM Professional Developer below for more details.

Contacts:   [[sblittleton, Shelley Littleton]]

{{youtube:large|95AecxkHIUk,Unit Organizer Digital Notebook}}

Vocabulary LINCing

Registration Details coming soon!

Contacts:  [[sblittleton, Shelley Littleton]]

Watch video below on Vocabulary LINCing 

Teaching Decision-Making Routine

The Teaching Decision-Making Routine incorporates methods students can use in groups to practice higher-order reasoning skills.  Through this routine, students learn to identify issues, analyze options, compromise on a solution, and make an informed group decision.  View the video Teaching Decision-Making for Success in School and Everyday Life below, and download Chapter 1 of the manual to see if this routine is a good fit for your classroom.  Watch Janis Bulgren, the author of the Decision-Making Routine, as she describes higher-order reasoning in the context of Content Enhancement Routines.  If you are interested in additional professional learning opportunities for the Decision-Making Routine or other SIM™ Content Enhancement Routines, contact a W&M SIM Professional Developer below for more details.

  Contacts: [[sblittleton, Shelley Littleton]]


Content Enhancement Routines Quick Guide
Expanded Unit Map for Content Enhancement Routines