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Build a Better Rubric



Excellent teachers and instructional leaders know why we need to use rubrics when we’re teaching and assessing complex skills, depth of content mastery, and even habits of mind—the kinds of intended learning outcomes reflected in Virginia’s 5C’s. But how can we create—or even select, critique, and revise—rubrics that are up to the task? Using loads of examples, minds-on activities, and a visible foundation of psychometric soundness, we will tackle the challenges and embrace the fun of building better rubrics.

Our aim in this workshop is for teachers and instructional leaders to:
• Understand what performance tasks are and why we need rubrics for them
• Distinguish between four (and more!) types of rubrics in order to make smart decisions about when to use which types of rubrics
• Identify the essential features of accurate, reliable rubrics
• Critique and revise rubrics
• Design and validate rubrics

Christopher Gareis, Ed.D. and Kate Wolfe Maxlowe, M.A.Ed.