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Clinic Supervisor & Staff

Clinic Supervisor

The services of the Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic are authorized and overseen by the dean of the William & Mary School of Education. Services are directly supervised by a designated clinic director within the Counseling Program.

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Without conscientious and dedicated student leadership and involvement, operation of the Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic would not be possible. Student directors at the center organize, oversee, and thus, make possible its day-to-day operations. They are selected on the basis of their knowledge of clinical practice, their desire and ability to lead, and their commitment to the practice of counseling. Student interns, practicum students, and graduate assistants provide direct family counseling services as well as all the associated administrative duties necessary to ensure that those services are appropriately planned, evaluated, and documented. They are selected on the basis of their expressed interest in counseling, specifically marriage and family counseling, their openness to new learning and self-examination, and their commitment to high standards for client and community service.

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Faculty Advisory Committee

Our Faculty Advisory Committee meets regularly to advise center staff and make decisions about the direction of the center's work.