Summer Institute

Professional Development Summer Institute

June 15 & 16th 2022, Online  - 9a.m. - 3p.m. Eastern

The goals of PD Summer Institute are to:

  • provide training in Center for Gifted Education curriculum materials
  • disseminate research-based best practices
  • provide professional development to promote leadership and exemplary practices in gifted education.
Target Audience

Summer Institute is designed for classroom teachers, teachers of the gifted, gifted program coordinators, and all teachers who want to enhance their ability to serve gifted and advanced learners or implement the Center for Gifted Education's curriculum units.

  • $200 Early Bird (before May 20, 2022)
  • $250 General Registration (May 21-June 15, 2022)
  • $100 Current William & Mary Student (email for discount code)

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2022 PD Summer Institute Sessions 

  • Differentiating UP: Meeting the needs of gifted and advanced learners in a regular classroom
    • This session will focus on differentiation for students who need additional challenge beyond the grade-level curriculum in age based classrooms. We will learn several strategies that can be applied to any subject area and grade level. Strategies include: grouping, pre-assessment, interest inventories, curriculum compacting, tiered assignments, enrichment, higher level questioning, anchor assignments, academic competitions, increasing cognitive complexity, and independent choice-based projects. Teachers will also have the opportunity to practice adapting their current lesson plans or activities and receive feedback and guidance.
    • Trainer: Dr. Ashley Carpenter
  • Addressing the ‘Gifted Gap’: Issues and Strategies for improving access & equity in Gifted Education programs for underserved gifted students
    • Many school districts continue to grapple with how to equitably identify gifted students from culturally diverse backgrounds (particularly Black and Latinx) and those who originate from poverty. This issue continues to perpetuate a ‘gap’ in performance outcomes, reports on ‘who is served’ in gifted programs and how effectively the program meets the needs of its varied stakeholders and community members. Current research, anecdotal evidence and review of practices has revealed strategies that can be instrumental in effectively addressing the ‘gap’. Using principles of equity, cultural competency and social justice as a framework, during this two day course/session participants will:

      • discover equitable identification practices that have worked in districts across the nation;
      • discuss and uncover educator perceptions that serve as barriers to recognizing giftedness in underserved students;
      • explore recommended culturally responsive teaching strategies designed to positively impact student outcomes across disciplines;
      • discuss self-advocacy strategies designed to empower underrepresented gifted students and proactively involve them in their own education (using resources from recently published “Empowering Underrepresented Gifted Students: Perspectives from the field")
  • Trainer: Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

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