Fall Saturday Enrichment Program

Location:  W&M School of Education
Contact:  sep@wm.edu

Full Description
Join us for a 2 Saturdays of Enrichment!

Event Date: October 12 & 19, 2019
Early Bird Registration (September 20) $255
After the Deadline Cost: $260.00
Location: William & Mary

We will be offering two courses:

My Amazing Body (Grades K-2)
Join us for an amazing journey exploring the human body! How many bones in the human body? What is the
largest organ? What are neurotransmitters and how do they work? Where does a molecule of air go after it enters the body? What happens to that grilled cheese sandwich you ate for lunch? How many chambers in the human heart? Let’s have fun to explore our body!

Beautiful Math (K-2)
This class will bring together art and math in a fun way. What we see as beauty in nature is sometimes simply beautiful order. While learning about pattern, symmetry, rotational symmetry, tessellations, the Fibonacci Sequence, and fractals, we will create hands on art projects and spend time each day in the computer lab visiting sites that correlate with our projects.

Elementary Engineering (3-5)
Students will combine a study of six simple machines and simple engineering concepts to solve common engineering problems. Students will investigate the answer to the following questions: What makes a bicycle move forward? Which of the six simple machines are used in common bicycles? How do they work together to make a bicycle useful? Is it possible to make a bridge out of cardboard and stand on it? Can you build functional furniture out of common cardboard? How are triangles used in engineering? Can you drop an egg without breaking it? These questions and many more will be asked and answered in this exciting introduction to engineering!

Lego Robotics (4-6)
Always wonder how things work? In this course, class participants will explore the ever-changing world of robotics. Using the new NXT robots, students will have the rare opportunity to build, program, and test the function of various robots. Students will explore ways to program robots to accomplish given tasks and be there to watch it happen. These aspiring scientists will use problem-solving and critical thinking strategies to take their basic knowledge to new levels. The final products are amazing! Your personal creativity is the only limit. 


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