Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership Awards

Most SOE scholarships and awards are given to new students upon admission.  

Awards open for application have a link to the application form in the far right column.

*Award amounts are estimates and may change due to the nature of investments.

Edward E. Brickell Scholarship For an academically distinguished graduate student, pursuing a program in K-12 administration and participating in the School Leader Partner Program.   $2,500*
Chamberlin Higher Education Recruitment Award For entering, full-time students in the Higher Education master's program.  Student must be on assistantship. TBD
Chandler Family Scholarship For one or more graduate students with demonstrated financial need and who have demonstrated a commitment to the field of education through previous endeavors.   Preference should be given to female residents of Virginia who are enrolled in the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership program. $500*  
Educational Leadership International Student Scholarship To support international graduate students pursuing a degree in K-12 Administration.   Preference will be given to doctoral students who are enrolled full time.   $1,000*
Finnegan-Parker Higher Education International Research Award To support doctoral candidates in the Higher Education program who are pursuing international research for the dissertation project. $2.000*
David W. Leslie Research Award To provide financial assistance for doctoral research for students in the EPPL Higher Education Program. $1,000*
Martha L. Muguira Fellowship For graduate students in the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership program. Preference is given to Hispanic or Latino women who have financial need.   $1,700*  
Mary L. Murphy Scholarship To provide financial assistance to deserving students in the School of Education who are pursuing careers in leadership positions at an elementary school and/or pre-K-12 administration. For students in K-12 Administration programs. $2,100*  
Sternberg Family Scholarship For graduate students in the K-12 Administration programs. $3,000
SURN Virginia L. McLaughlin Collaborative Leadership Award For a  graduate student from a SURN partner school division.  The awardee will evidence the leadership attributes for which SURN honors Dr. Virginia L. McLaughlin. $500  
Thom Terwilliger Higher Education Fellowship For full-time doctoral students in the Higher Education program. The Terwilliger Fellows will work directly for Higher Education faculty supporting research in the field while also promoting the professional development and research agenda of the graduate student.  $3,100*
Professor John Thelin Higher Education Research Award

For graduate students pursuing research in the field of Higher Education.