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Program Mission and Goals

Counselor Education Program Mission Statement

The Counselor Education Program at William & Mary prepares professional counselors and counselor educators who represent diverse identities; serve local, national, and global communities; advocate for social justice and antiracist policies; and demonstrate exemplary practices.

Goals of the Counseling Program at William & Mary
  1. To facilitate the development of counselors who are clinically skilled, ethical, and committed to the delivery of effective services to clients.
  2. To prepare students at the Masters-level for professional counseling positions.
  3. To prepare students at the Doctoral level for university faculty positions in counselor education through an individualized course sequence with advanced clinical and administration leadership experiences.
  4. To provide opportunities for Doctoral-level researcher skill development, publishing presentations, and funding.
  5. To advance to the scope of knowledge and practice within the counseling profession through research and scholarly activity.
  6. To provide mentorship and community building experiences within and outside of the classroom.
  7. To prepare professional counselors and counselor educators who exemplify a cultural orientation that includes culturally humility and culturally responsiveness.
  8. To prepare professional counselors who are social justice advocates and promote antiracist policies and practices.
  9. To train students in ethical and effective use of technology within the counseling profession.
  10. To respond to societal and professional shifts in training and counseling needs.
  11. To promote professional self-care and a wellness orientation.
  12. To prepare counselors who are self-reflective and who are committed to continued personal and professional growth.
  13. To provide leadership to the counseling profession through faculty and student involvement.
  14. To develop future leaders in the counseling profession.
  15. To provide service to the local, national, and global community. 
  16. To promote the mission of William & Mary.