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Getting into the class is the first step

Want to know what classes are offered this semester? Then take a look at the on-line Course Schedule. When searching for courses, please note that subject codes for course listings in education begin with three different letter groups:

  • CRIN    Curriculum & Instruction
  • EDUC   Education
  • ELEM   Undergraduate Elementary Education
  • EPPL     Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership

You can also search by the college code: Education.

Academic Advising  

Before you get started, you should meet with your faculty advisor. When you are admitted to the School of Education, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist you with planning your degree program. You can also use Program of Study for your degree program to determine what courses you should take, and in what order.

Blackboard vs. Banner

Blackboard is not the same thing as Banner registration. Blackboard is a site used by some (but not all) professors to communicate class assignments, syllabi, grades, etc. If you do not have a class listed under Blackboard, it does not mean that you are not registered for that class. You must check the Banner registration screen to find your listing of classes. If the professor is using Blackboard and you do not have access to that class, please check with the professor.  You can view your Banner (official) registration by going to myWM and selecting the Banner icon.

How do I register if I am a newly admitted degree-seeking student?
  • Go to PATH.
  • To search for available classes, check the class search schedule.
  • Access Quick Guide to using PATH for registration.
  • Select section you want to add, and Add to Cart.  Once the course is in the cart, you can complete the registration.
  • When you have finished registering, double check your term registration in Banner Self Service, which you can access from myWM.
  • Additional directions for registering are located on the University Registrar's website.
How do I register if I am an non-degree seeking student and just wish to take a course?

The School of Education offers classes that may be taken by anyone with a bachelor's degree. Some classes are restricted to matriculating students, or require the permission of the instructor. Many classes, however, are open to anyone wishing to enroll. If you take courses each semester, you may register online in the following semesters. The Course Schedule by semester is available online.

Descriptions and restrictions on the classes offered may be found in our catalog.

Summer registration for those seeking to enroll in a course that are not in the University's registration system:  Simply complete the Non-Degree Seeking application and we will register you. All registration for graduate level education classes is done in the School of Education.

Unclassified students who have taken classes during the previous semester and are in the University's registration system can pre-register or register on-line via Banner Self Service.

How do I find out when/where classes are being held?

All class information can be found in Banner Self Service.  A full listing of classes is available on the web.

What are the add/drop and other registration dates?

Please see the School of Education's calendar.

I'm having difficulty registering for a class and/or the class is closed.

Contact the professor responsible for the class. If further problems occur, please visit The Office of Academic Programs.

Can I drop or withdraw from classes if I am receiving financial aid?

Maybe - maybe not.  There may be enrollment implications.  Please be aware that in most cases, financial aid awards are determined based on full time enrollment. If you drop below full time enrollment status, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid (757-221-2420) to be sure you understand how this will affect your financial aid. Financial aid is not available for those enrolled less than half time.

I am an undergraduate and I'd like to take a Master's level education class.

To take a graduate course, you must obtain permission from the Undergraduate Dean of Arts and Sciences.

How can I get forms?

Please check the Forms page and download what you need. All Program of Study forms are available on this page.

Frequently requested forms include:
Can I take courses for licensure only?

William & Mary has no licensure-only programs. Candidates for initial elementary or secondary teacher licensure as well as licensure for administration and supervision must be enrolled in a degree-granting program. Non-degree seeking individuals are permitted to take certain classes in the teacher and administrator licensure programs but cannot complete the entire sequence required for licensure until they are admitted to the School of Education as a degree-seeking student. Following completion of a degree program, a student may apply for the state of Virginia licensure through our Office of Professional Services.