Alexis Michalos

M.Ed. Student, Higher Education Administration

"I started to consider my post-graduation plans during my Junior year. After serving as a Resident Mentor (RA equivalent) for three years and working with the Housing Department as a Summer Intern, I realized that I adored the college environment and wanted to support students through this transitional period the same way I had been. While searching for graduate programs in Higher Education, I was intrigued by William & Mary's for flexibility in its course requirements and the plethora of opportunities it presented (including serving on the Educational Review, providing scholarships and grants for tuition and professional development, holding networking events, and creating a group for Higher Education students). During my interview, I was in awe of the intention placed in each activity and of the community existing between the students and faculty.

As a student, I have begun cultivating my professional style through foundation courses and expanding my understanding of higher education, student affairs, and issues within them through conversations with peers and professors alike. Although I am still in my first year, I am confident that the faculty commitment to challenge my views and support me through the process will only grow during the remainder of my time in the EPPL program and continue after graduation as a professional in the field."

Alexis received her B.A. from the University of South Carolina, majoring in English, History, and Art History. Her current graduate assistantship is with the Dean of Students Office focusing on academic enrichment.