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Annual Reporting Measure Six

Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification) and any additional state requirements; Title II (initial & advanced levels)

100% of W&M graduates pass all licensing exams for the state of Virginia. The pass rate for Praxis, Praxis II, SLLA, VCLA, RVE are all 100%.

Below is a table of Praxis for 2019-2020 student scores with the median score of all test takers reported where known.  The average W&M score is above the median test taker in all cases.

Test Average W&M Score Median Score of All Test Takers
PRAXIS Biology Content Knowledge 182 163
PRAXIS Chem Content Knowledge 181 160
PRAXIS English Language Content Knowledge 190 179
PRAXIS Math Content Knowledge 182 158
PRAXIS Physics Content Knowledge 146 152
PRAXIS Social Studies Content Knowledge 184 167
Praxis Core Reading 191 172
Praxis Core Writing 168 164
Praxis Core Math 170 156
Praxis Elementary Reading and Language Arts 184 170
Praxis Elementary Math 187 173
Praxis Elementary Social Studies 184 169
Praxis Elementary Science 184 169
Praxis ESL 183 177
Praxis School Psychology 171 169