Graduation rates

Annual Reporting Measure Five

We examined the graduation rates for the group of students admitted during the 2019 school year. We defined the graduation rate for these groups of students as those students who successfully completed their Master’s level degree in 3 semesters or fewer for initial teacher preparation programs and 2 years for advanced programs. 

Overall, the graduation rate for students in our initial level teacher preparation programs at the master’s level was 87% with 65 students having enrolled in the program, and 57 of these graduating within 3 semesters years.  This represents a slight decrease from previous years.  However, individual programs graduation rates have improved from previous years’ measurements.

Graduation rates for individual advanced programs are presented in the following tables. 

Individual program graduation rates were as follows:

Program Percent Graduating
Elementary Education 90%
Social Studies 88%
Math 100%
English 82%
Science 83%
Special Education 91%

Our Advanced Programs had the following 2 year graduation rates:

Program Percent Graduating
Literacy Leadership Program on hiatus 2019 admission cycle
EDS in School Psychology 100%
School Counseling 100%
Education Leadership K-12* 79*

*This program is not designed for completion within two years. Typically a student completes this program in two years and one semester.