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Stephanie J. Blackmon

Associate Professor of Higher Education

Office: 3080
Phone: (757) 221-2419
Email: [[sjblackmon]]
Twitter: {{,@StephJBlackmon}}
Areas of Expertise: Technology Integration in Higher Education & Professional Development; Trust, Privacy, & Security in Technology Use & Integration; Experiential Learning; Interdisciplinary Teams


Dr. Stephanie J. Blackmon is an Associate Professor of Higher Education in the William & Mary School of Education. Her early research focuses on teaching and learning with an emphasis on technology integration in higher education. She has conducted several studies and written numerous papers about topics such as virtual worlds, instructors’ and students’ experiences with learning management systems, and massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Dr. Blackmon has expanded her work to include a focus on the broader applications of technology integration because of their impact on higher education. Her research explores the qualitative experiences people have with the following: technology integration in higher education and professional development settings; experiential learning in technology-related settings; trust and privacy in learning and data analytics use; and trust, privacy, and security with the use of apps and also with internet-connected devices such as wearable, mobile, and in-home technologies. Dr. Blackmon has also co-developed a framework for interdisciplinary learning analytics use; she was the lead PI for an interdisciplinary project that focused on the experiences people with disabilities have with trust and internet-connected devices; and she was the lead PI for an interdisciplinary project that focused on experiential learning and technological development. The goal of Dr. Blackmon’s work is to move research to practice, particularly as it relates to technology use and development.