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Curriculum & Instruction

Secondary Education

Jason Chen

Chen, Jason
Associate Professor
Office: 3058
Phone: (757)221-6201
Email: [[jachen]]
Areas of Expertise: Academic Motivation, Academic Engagement, Science Education, Nature of Science, Immersive Virtual Environments, Educational Technology, STEM Education

Kristen Conradi

Conradi Smith, Kristin
Associate Professor
Office: 3111
Phone: (757) 221-6212
Email: [[keconradi]]
Area of Expertise: Reading Motivation, Assessment, Texts, Struggling Readers


Johnson, Lindy L.
Associate Professor and Chair, Curriculum & Instruction
Office: 3109
Phone: (757) 221 - 2333
Email: [[lljohnson]]
Website: {{,ScholarWorks Profile}}
Twitter: {{,@ lindyljohnson}}

Meredith Kier

Kier, Meredith
Gerdelman Family Term Distinguished Associate Professor
Office: 3119
Phone: (757) 221-2332
Email: [[mwkier]]
Areas of Expertise: Equity in STEM Education, Professional Partnerships in STEM classrooms, Preparation and Retention of Social-Justice Oriented Science Teachers

Marguerite Mason

Mason, Margie
Office: 3115
Phone: (757) 221 - 2327
Email: [[mmmaso]]
Areas of Expertise: Secondary Education: Mathematics