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  • Makerspace Exploration
    Makerspace Exploration  Dr. Jake Joseph introduced the basics of soldering and explored options to integrate a makerspace within a standards based curriculum  Karen Hogue
  • Makerspace Exploration
    Makerspace Exploration  Participants learned the basics of soldering.  Karen Hogue
  • Makerspace Exploration
    Makerspace Exploration  Dr. Jake Joseph helps test a participant's circuit board.  Karen Hogue
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On January 29 a Makerspace Exploration event was repeated at W&M’s School of Education. Due to the popularity and effectiveness of the program, the number of participants almost tripled. This program is free and open to anyone who wishes to learn about makerspaces, soldering, and the ideas behind the maker movement.

The participants in attendance came from Spotsylvania, King George, Hampton, Newport News, Franklin, York and the W&M School of Education. Participants included classroom teachers, administrators, and media and technology staff. Several participants were representatives from public libraries. These librarians will be able to apply this new knowledge to their own makerspaces to share the maker movement with a much larger audience.

At the event, which was conducted by the STEM Education Alliance’s Assistant Director, Dr. Jake Joseph, participants learned the basics of makerspaces, including what a makerspace is, how to equip a makerspace, and how to integrate a makerspace into a standards-based curriculum. In addition, attendees participated in a beginners soldering course in which they learned how to solder by assembling an electronics project. Participants discussed the science behind soldering and how soldering can be related to the science standards.

The educators left the Makerspace Exploration event energized about makerspace and anxious to share their knowledge with others.

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What is a makerspace? A makerspace is a place where individuals can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials such as 3D printers.